Our Story

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Our Story

Faith Aromatherapy was founded by Faith Frankenfield, whose 21 year background in the beauty industry as an esthetician, aromatherapist, and entertainment industry makeup artist makes her keenly aware of what’s next on the horizon of beauty. Inspired to expand what holistic products can achieve for consumers in the beauty industry, Faith used essential oils as the brand’s foundation, understanding that they have the ability to affect mind, body and spirit. The idea of merging emotional and spiritual health with beauty became the brand’s primary message, and Faith Aromatherapy was launched in March, 2013.


Our Message

Faith Aromatherapy takes a holistic approach to beauty by working from the inside out, rather than outside in. Our MISSION is to influence the world of beauty to embrace giving back, approach age prevention by using high frequency, therapeutic essential oils and plant extracts that release stress and emotional toxicity, and use ancestral techniques that have been passed down through centuries. We EDUCATE the consumer about making healthier choices for their families, and we use our resources to provide services that benefit the community around us. We VALUE avoiding synthetic fragrances by using pure essential oils and replacing synthetic chemicals with organic, agriculturally based raw materials wherever possible. As holistic tradition looks at the body as a whole when addressing a person’s needs, it’s our INTENT to design products that work from the outside in, on every level to be truly holistic. Combining these attributes in our lives makes us truly beautiful- from the inside out.

The Faith Aromatherapy Beauty Regimen

Beautiful Body: Technologically advanced beauty collections designed to target problem areas and enhance skin cell renewal.

Beautiful Soul: Artisan blended plant extracts and essential oils with high frequencies provide unique fragrances and decrease the effects of stress and emotional toxins.

Beautiful Spirit: 10% or more of each item purchased from Faith Aromatherapy will be donated to support charitable causes that bring healing, and the freedom to live out life purpose and destiny. Your purchase helps organizations that prevent human trafficking, rescue at risk kids from the streets in India so they can be taken care of in a group home setting, and activate redemptive arts. You can make a difference!

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