Private Label/Product Development


Faith Aromatherapy offers Cosmetics, Skin Care, Private Label, Product Development, Manufacturing in Santa Barbara, CA!

Have  you have wanted to start your own cosmetics or skin care brand but you don’t know where to find Cosmetics, Skin Care, Private Label, Product Development, Manufacturing? We offer private label, product development, and custom manufacturing to help you with beauty product development and manufacturing.

Why choose Faith Aromatherapy for Cosmetics, Skin Care, Private Label, Product Development, Manufacturing?

Our main purpose in having a manufacturing facility is so that we can create jobs and a fresh start! Whether it is  for a women in need or a college student who can only work project by project, we are determined to support the needs of our community.

What We Can Offer:

Skin Care Product Development & Formulation:

Faith Frankenfield has over 22 years of cosmetic industry experience to help you develop your skin care brand. Her expertise in natural product development will provide you with the opportunity to create a product that works, without compromising your healthy lifestyle.

Skin Care Product Private Label:

Choose private label if you are looking to fill Faith Aromatherapy products in your own packaging, or if you would like to customize our base product with your own fragrance or active ingredients. For a low-cost solution, you can order the product in bulk for you to fill into your own packaging.

Custom Cosmetic Product Formulating and Manufacturing:

Faith Aromatherapy offers turn-key product development, formulating, packaging design, manufacturing, and bottle filling. For first time product developers, we introduce the process of creating a brand with brand development, pricing strategy, beauty trends, and product education. For an experienced product developer, we work to provide the most cost-effective solutions and sourcing for ingredients.

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